When we think of our products we like to believe that they are never quite finished but that they can further evolve and adapt themselves to our customer’s requirements and that they can also transform and better their technical and aesthetic aspect.

In fact, we think that the dynamism of our company is in our ability to rework our products creating new ones while paying special attention to the demands of the market and also to the requirements of our customers.

Only this way do we feel dynamic and in continuous growth.


Facts and Figures


Founded in 1974, today Volpato Industrie is supplying over 1500 customers in 60 countries all over the world, always with the same flexibility and continuous technological improvement which has always been our trademark.

Plastic legs: 28.800.000 pieces 30 times Monte Bianco’s height

Undersink trays: 1.100.000 pieces surface of 90 soccer fields per year

Plastic plinths: 4.000 kilometers distance between Lisbon and Moscow

59 countries supplied

ISO 9001 certified company

5 departments

Employees: 142

Total surface area: 50.000 m2 
Production area: 20.000 m2

Production tecnologies: injection moulding, plastic extrusion, wrapping, coil processing, alutek

The quality

As a demonstration of the commitment towards the satisfaction of the customer’s needs and with the   perspective of continuous improvement, on September 25, 2009 Volpato Industrie SpA has obtained the certification for its Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, and the renewal of the same in accordance with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 on September 24, 2012.




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