When we think of our products we like to believe that they are never quite finished but that they can further evolve and adapt themselves to our customer’s requirements and that they can also transform and better their technical and aesthetic aspect.
In fact, we think that the dynamism of our company is in our ability to rework our products creating new ones while paying special attention to the demands of the market and also to the requirements of our customers.

Only this way do we feel dynamic and in continuous growth.

Vision and Mission

Volpato Industrie Spa proposes itself as a “natural choice” in the furniture sector, spreading its culture, which is inspired by the respect for the needs of customers, collaborators, the territory and the entire context in which the company operates.

Maximum customer satisfaction is the founding goal of Volpato Industrie Spa’s work, as well as the guiding principle of the company philosophy. A mission that the company carries out in compliance with its ethical values, promoting quality and observing the rules governing the supply of products and services, the well-being of the environment, health and safety in the workplace.
Volpato Industrie has set high quality standards for its production, but also for what concerns the services. It also pays particular attention to carry out every business activity with exemplary efficiency.
Volpato Industrie’s goal is to stand out in the furniture production sector as a sensitive, dynamic, responsible and professional company, capable of fully satisfying the demands of its customers. A company aimed at continuous improvement through the “plan-do-check-act” philosophy, and inspired by the application and certification of the organizational model based on UNI EN ISO9001, the methodologies of “risk management” and the “risk based thinking ”of ISO9001.

Facts and figures

Founded in 1974, today Volpato Industrie is supplying over 1500 customers in 60 countries all over the world, always with the same flexibility and continuous technological improvement which has always been our trademark.

Plastic legs: 30.600.000 pieces produced each year, an height equal to over 32 times the Mont Blanc

Undersink trays: 1.400.000 pieces produced each year, a surface equal to 95 soccer fields.

Plastic plinths: 9.000 kilometers produced each year, a distance equal to a round trip from Lisbon to Moscow

Countries supplied: 63

ISO 9001 certified company

Production Departments: 7

Employees: 230

Total surface area: 63.000 m2
Production area:
44.000 m2

Production technologies: injection moulding, extrusion of thermoplastic materials, profile wrapping, aluminum coil processing, fine machining on aluminum profiles and parts, metal surface treatments, anodising



Volpato Industrie is aware that personnel are the most precious resource of any company, and therefore has developed principles that it strictly respects, in support of its corporate mission.

Commitment is conceived as a synonym of professionalism and business ethics and is an essential value that unites all collaborators, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction and maintaining the quality standards of products and services.

The spread of common values ​​is supported by the principles of fairness adopted towards all collaborators and by the exchange of ideas. Volpato Industrie promotes communication at all company levels and the involvement of personnel in corporate decisions.

The development of the skills of each employee and the expression of their skills are the basis of individual growth, but also of the company. Volpato Industrie is committed to constant training and gives its employees defined responsibilities to make work more stimulating for everyone.

Creativity and innovation
Creativity and innovation make the working environment dynamic and lead to growth and continuous improvement. This is why Volpato industrie is committed to encouraging its staff to improve and experiment.

The openness to changes distinguishes Volpato Industrie’s mission and activity and allows the company to respond promptly to customer needs and react to market changes.

Certified, guaranteed quality
... and much more

The quality of Volpato Industrie production is guaranteed by the certification of its Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard obtained by the company in 2009. It is a prestigious recognition that the company has confirmed following the evolution of the standard and adapting its organization, in order to respond promptly to regulatory requirements.
Not only that: Volpato Industrie’s production is also tested by Catas.

With a focus on Sustainability and the world around us, the company has also equipped itself of an Environmental Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and a Supply Chain Safety Management System.
Again as part of a policy of transparency and responsibility towards the market, Volpato Industrie has obtained the AEO status of Authorized Economic Operator by the Customs Agency.
Volpato Industrie will be able to respond to changing needs from a proactive perspective that the company and its stakeholders will all present in the coming years.

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