Modular shelving system


For Stíli floor to ceiling composition you need:

  •  Vertical components (profile and LED shield)
  • Adjustment elements (cap and leg)
  • Middle Reinforcement Element
  • Fixing Accessories

In a residential context Stíli floor to ceiling can be used in the sleeping area (walk-in closet), in the living area as fitted wall/library or used as room partition between 2 different spaces. The middle reinforcement (optional) is used as connection between the wall and the vertical structural which gives to the whole structure a greater rigidity and solidity.

Minimal and elegant, Teke is placed in the living room and in the sleeping area for setting up equipped walls and bookcases, as well as in the kitchen to support the forms. Teke stands out for its versatility, it is in fact adaptable. Any heights, widths and depths.

The new product by Volpato for your home. 3 fundamental aspects characterize it.

  • Elegance No visible holes or screws.
  • Simplicity Extremely quick and intuitive assembly.
  • Ductility Adaptability to several different uses and solutions.

Linea can be use as a complement in its version LINEA Top or LINEA Free, but also as independent in its version LINEA Wall. Extremely easy and intuitive in assembly operations, the system combines these features with a great ability to adapt to various situations. All Linea systems are covered by patent protection.

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