In a residential context Stíli floor to ceiling can be used in the sleeping area (walk-in closet), in the living area as fitted wall/library or used as room partition between 2 different spaces. The middle reinforcement (optional) is used as connection between the wall and the vertical structural which gives to the whole structure a greater rigidity and solidity.

Stíliphos shelves
New glass-aluminum or painted sheet metal shelves with clean and minimal design. They are strong, but flexible at the same time and increase the design possibilities of wall/ceiling compositional systems.
Both shelves are also conceived to accommodate a LED strip inside their perimetric profile.

Volpato Industrie - sistema modulare Stili/Ellipse

The new Stili Ellipse modular wall/ceiling system is all about versatility and style. Elegant profiles allow it to be used in different environments. In the home, it can become a bookshelf, a walk-in closet or a shelving system for the living area. In a store it can be used as shelving or in an office as an archive.

The anodised aluminum vertical uprights are available with or without LED lighting slots and are compatible with all Stíliphos accessories and shelves.

Volpato Industrie - sistema modulare Cyclos

Cyclos is our modular wall/ceiling system with round profiles, suitable for both residential and commercial furnishing. To make the pole brighter, you can equip the uprights with Stripled or use a specific wiring system to illuminate the shelves.

sistemi modulari cucina

The new product by Volpato for your home. 3 fundamental aspects characterize it.

  • Elegance No visible holes or screws.
  • Simplicity Extremely quick and intuitive assembly.
  • Ductility Adaptability to several different uses and solutions.

Linea can be use as a complement in its version LINEA Top or LINEA Free, but also as independent in its version LINEA Wall. Extremely easy and intuitive in assembly operations, the system combines these features with a great ability to adapt to various situations. All Linea systems are covered by patent protection.

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