🔳 Simply elegant

LINEA is the new system, by Volpato Industrie, that revolutionizes the concept of shelf.

The design is elegant, sophisticated and extremely clean thanks to the absence of visible holes and screws.

As per Volpato tradition, the aesthetic result coexist with the great versatility and simplicity of installation.

LINEA is in fact available in the following variants:

– TOP, designed to be installed between the worktop and the kitchen wall units, using the special joint or, directly to the wall

– FREE, dedicated to free-standing installation thanks to the structural connection to the support surface

– WALL, designed to make LINEA an independent element able to furnish any space with style

Three variants that make LINEA adaptable to the most varied scenarios of use and that make this series of products the ideal complement for refined style kitchens and living rooms.

LINEA, the new modular shelving system, is now available in brushed natural anodized and black anodized finish.



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